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There is a future for those who see the signs


Press release dated March 09, 2023

Editorial Director

Photo© Azzurra Primavera

CEO Brainstore Media

Brainstore Media, a new innovative, multi-platform publishing reality supporting art and culture in Italy.

Born from the decade-long experience of Artmediamix, a communication and marketing company that has worked over the years for several Italian and international brands with integrated communication projects, thus anticipating market trends in Italy and beyond.
Today, Brainstore Media joins the group led by Gian Marco Sandri as a new generation publisher that will directly distribute content through a mix of channels that accommodates all modes of consumption of different target audiences, contributing to the internationalization of the Italian entertainment, cinema and television series industry. 
Brainstore Media debuts with the important partnership with PMC - Penske Media Corporation, a worldwide leading American company in information and media services, with the launch of The Hollywood Reporter Roma.